Gender Equality Initiative

The publication of Secretariat's declaration on gender equality officially endorsed the initiative in March 2021. Signed by its director, the declaration spells out three commitments:

  • Raising awareness on mainstreaming gender in all aspects of energy policies and interventions when providing support and assistance to the institutions of the Energy Community and the Contracting Parties.
  • Endorsing gender-responsive procurement, intended as the inclusion of the impact on gender equality and women’s empowerment in its procedures for the procurement of services and works.
  • Aiming for equal representation of women and men in all events, in-person or online, and that no gender is restricted to the moderator or facilitator role.

A year later, an additional commitment was taken by the Energy Community Secretariat. 

  • Raising awareness on the importance of collecting gender-disaggregated data in the energy sector to inform energy analysis and develop appropriate, evidence-based responses, policies and legislation. To facilitate future gender-disaggregated data collection, the organization will produce specific guidelines explaining why data are essential to evaluate and track the pivotal role of women, also as prosumers, in the energy sector.

The information below shows how the Secretariat translates these commitments into concrete actions and activities. 

Commitments on gender equality

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Awareness raising

actions, events and achievements so far

Gender-disaggregated data

policy paper, data collection

Gender-responsive procurement

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