Director Kopač presents state of acquis communitaure implementation to the European Parliament

7 December 2020

Director Kopač addressed Members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament today. He outlined the key results of the Secretariat’s Annual Implementation Report, which assesses the state of implementation of the acquis in the Energy Community Contracting Parties, and the reform challenges that lie ahead. 

His presentation was followed by a lively exchange of views with Committee Members, which commended the Energy Community’s work as essential for achieving a coherent energy policy outside the EU’s borders. Introducing energy efficiency, renewables and carbon emissions targets for 2030 and rolling out an Emissions Trading Scheme in the Energy Community were among the issues raised in the discussion. Members also expressed concerns about the high level of State aid being channelled to the coal sector and the need to ensure the same effectiveness of State aid enforcement in the Energy Community Contracting Parties as in the EU Member States.

Committee Members were also interested in the ongoing process of amending the Energy Community Treaty and other actions to enable better integration between EU Member States and the Contracting Parties. Certificates of Origin for electricity from renewable energy sources was presented as an example.