Energy Community Regulatory Board elects working group chairs for 2021-2022

4 December 2020

Today, the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) extended the mandates of the existing working group chairs for another two years. Mr Edin Zametica will continue as chairman of the Customer and Retail Markets Group, Mrs Miliza Knezevic as Electricity Working Group chair, Mrs Elena Stratulat as leader of the Gas Working Group and Mr Elton Radheshi as chairman of the REMIT Working Group.

At the plenary meeting, the ECRB adopted its work programme for the coming year and published a series of 2020 deliverables. As part of its gas and electricity retail and wholesale market monitoring work, the Board delivered the first report on gas interconnection point congestion based on its new responsibilities to monitor the implementation of network code Regulations in the Energy Community.