Ukraine to be first Contracting Party to implement Gas Capacity Allocation Network Code

24 March 2020

Last week, the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” agreed with the Polish GSA Platform Operator to use the GSA Platform to allocate capacities on the interconnection points on the Ukraine-Poland border in line with the Gas Capacity Allocation Network Code and the ENTSOG capacity auction calendar. The first commercial auctions of the yearly products for gas year 2020/2021 will be conducted in July 2020.  

The soon-to-be first implementation of the Capacity Allocation Network Code in the Energy Community is a result of the extensive support provided by the Energy Community Secretariat to the Ukrainian national regulatory authority NEURC, which in February 2020 amended the Gas Transmission Code. The Secretariat is pleased to see the first results of its efforts in bringing together transmission system operators and regulatory authorities of the Energy Community Contracting Parties and neighboring EU Member States in order to facilitate the implementation of gas network codes on joint interconnection points. The Secretariat also praises the efforts of Poland’s institutions to enable the new regulatory framework to go live.

The Secretariat invites the network operators and regulators of the Contracting Parties and neighboring Member States to continue working on gas network codes implementation and thus enhance market integration, liquidity and security of supply to the benefit of all parties.

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