Energy Community Coordination Group puts energy efficiency of buildings in the spotlight, unveils new biomass-based heating database

Energy efficiency
12 March 2020

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings was at the core of the 22nd meeting of the Energy Community Coordination Group in Vienna on 11 March. The meeting took stock of the implementation of national building renovation strategies, as set out in the Group’s work programme 2019-2020, and ongoing and future investment programmes. This topic is expected to feature significantly in the next EU financial framework 2021-2027. With respect to the next energy efficiency issues to be tackled, it was agreed that the Group would prioritize working with municipalities on heating and cooling as well as nearly zero energy buildings. Stronger requirements for energy efficiency appliances and innovative funding programmes for residential buildings renovation would also be in focus. The national institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks governing the housing sector with an impact on energy investment will be assessed and improved. 

The new online database on biomass-based heating, now integrated into the Energy Community public website, was unveiled at the meeting. The initiative aims to increase awareness about sustainable and efficient use of biomass. It features guidance for policy-makers to increase the use of biomass for heating in a sustainable manner as well as numerous public awareness raising materials, including best practice examples and policies across Europe and easy to download brochures and other materials. All information is available in seven languages, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Serbian. Please be patient, the webpage takes longer to load.   

The Energy Community Coordination Group meeting took place back-to-back to the Workshop on Policy Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Funds and Centralised Financing Mechanisms co-organised with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).