Case ECS-06/13: Kosovo* / environment

summary of the case

registered: upon complaint 28.01.2013



The Sulphur in Fuels Directive requires Contracting Parties to limit the sulphur content of heavy fuel oil at 1.00% by mass, that of gas oil at 0.10% by mass and to carry out sampling and analysis of those fuels in accordance with the standards stipulated therein. A complaint was lodged at the Secretariat, alleging that the testing of fuels in Kosovo* is not carried out in accordance with the rules of the Directive.

Following an investigation with the competent authorities of Kosovo*, the Secretariat has come to the conclusion that the subject matter of the complaint does not give rise to a breach of the Energy Community acquis communautiare on environment and therefore has not initiated dispute settlement procedures. The case was closed on 24 October 2017.