Presidency in Office

Priorities under the Serbian Presidency

At the 18th Ministerial Council, Serbia took over the Energy Community presidency from Montenegro  and expressed its willingness 'to give a new impetus to the development, or rather change, of the energy sector in the region'. During its presidency (01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021), Serbia will advocate decarbonisation together with other following objectives:

  • decarbonisation of the energy sector towards complete neutrality in 2050, including relevant aspects of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources: 
    • development of the Contracting Parties' Climate and Energy Plans and the definition of their 2030 targets;
    • the transposition of the Emission Trading Scheme;
    • the introduction of a carbon tax system.
  • the establishment of a common market in the fields of electricity and natural gas; 
  • the establishment of mandatory stocks of crude oil and petroleum products;
  •  the development of energy infrastructure.

H.E. Prof. dr. Zorana Z. Mihajlovic  

Deputy Prime Minister
Ministry of Mining and Energy

Energy Community Presidency in Office 2021

Letter of Presidency to the Secretariat