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The EU4Energy Governance team produces several types of publications: newsletters, country leaflets, policy and citizen briefs to keep you updated on the developments in countries and within the Project. Subscribe for e-mail notification messages when an EU4Energy news item is published.

EU4Energy newsletters provide a digest of the main project developments in the period. They also provide facts and figures on the results achieved as well as links to the latest EU4Energy publications, blog posts and media stories.


This issue covers the second half of 2020 and puts spotlight on two key energy efficiency laws adopted by the Georgian Parliament in May 2020 and on a number of blog posts in the form of interviews with key experts from across the EU4Energy Governance project, describing important work that we have been undertaking. 



EU4Energy news digest of the main project developments in the period of July - December 2019 and the latest blog posts on energy consumer rights: providing citizens with more options and better protection in a competitive energy market.



EU4Energy news digest of the main project developments in the period of January - June 2019 and the latest blog post on gas market reform. 

Find out about the EU4Energy Governance work carried out so far and the results achieved to date by country and by area of work.

This issue covers the second half of 2018 and the many positive changes EU4Energy Governance has helped introduce to the energy legislation and markets of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The newsletter also puts spotlight on High-level Policy Talks, organised in Georgia and Ukraine in this period, which were instrumental in gaining wider public awareness and acceptance of the reforms in progress.

Read more about the first EU4Energy blog post, which introduces the work through the eyes of citizens and provides a refreshing new take on how the EU4Energy Governance project will ultimately benefit citizens.

The first annual issue of the EU4Energy Governance Project newsletter features all the key activities carried out over the last year by the Secretariat under the EU4Energy Governance Project. Organised by country and sector, the newsletter includes a user-friendly overview of how Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are modernising their energy legislation and markets.

Policy Briefs

Roughly 80% of Moldova’s electricity consumption originates outside its borders from neighbouring Ukraine and the disputed Moldovan region of Transdniestria. The lack of transparency and market mechanisms that allow fair competition in Moldova’s electricity market have led to prices perceived as uncertain and high. Further integration of the Moldova-Ukraine electricity market, increased harmonisation of electricity market legislation in line with EU energy acquis, and cross-border interconnection with Romania will increase Moldova’s energy security and will provide consumers with electricity prices correlated with regional markets.

Citizen Briefs

The EU-funded EU4Energy Governance project is assisting Georgia with the adoption of a new draft law on energy performance in buildings, and in preparing a series of building regulations. The new law will ensure that buildings are more energy efficient and wasted energy is reduced. Citizens will reap the benefits of more energy-efficient homes: lower energy bills, a higher level of comfort, and a healthier home environment.