WB6 regional electricity market integration reached point of no return

9 December 2019

The WB6 regional electricity connectivity closing event brought together 80 stakeholders from all WB6 Contracting Parties on 5 December in Tivat, Montenegro. The project successfully delivered 11 national, one bilateral and five regional projects, which were instrumental in tackling some of the biggest challenges the WB6 were facing in creating a regional electricity market. The participants agreed that the creation of the regional market was now at the point of no return. Its continuation is critical to meeting the region’s energy priorities - ensuring security of supply and meeting decarbonisation objectives.

It was underlined that national projects delivered concrete results, while regional projects, e.g. cross-border balancing, capacity calculation, etc., need follow up to be implemented and reap the full benefits of the technical assistance. Another major obstacle still to be resolved is the relationship between the Contracting Parties and EU Member States. The implementation of the project’s objectives was made more difficult by widening gaps within the energy governance in the pan-European energy market, following the entry into force of Third Energy Package network codes, the Paris Agreement and the Clean energy for all Europeans package.

The project was funded by the European Union and implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat with the aim to assist the Western Balkan 6 Parties in developing a regional energy market through the implementation of energy reform measures at national and regional level that will remove existing legislative and regulatory barriers and enhance the institutional structures in line with the relevant Energy Community and EU acquis.

On the occasion of the event, the national electricity market operator of North Macedonia (MEMO) signed the WB6 Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Electricity Market Development.


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