2019 Gas Forum focuses on new gas infrastructure, innovative use of gas and future structure of supply routes 

26 September 2019

Taking place on 24 and 25 September in Ljubljana, the 14th Energy Community Gas Forum discussed regional gas markets and infrastructure, deploring inter alia the missed opportunity to bring the Serbian Gastrans exemption in line with European standards. On the table was also the future role of gas and innovation in the gas supply chain which will open up potential new uses of gas and related infrastructure in a sustainable manner. The Gas Forum endorsed actions aiming at adoption of the Clean Energy Package in the Energy Community.  “These will help us to work more efficiently with Contracting Parties especially from the perspective of security of supply,’’ explained Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Kopač. Among others, the Gas Forum discussed  the needed amendments to the Treaty establishing the Energy Community in order to make the organization more efficient.

The inconclusive status quo of gas transit via Ukraine was a pressing topic and it was concluded that the situation remains unsolved. “Given the other gas pipeline projects which are being built in the region around Ukraine, speedy actions must be taken to establish a fully independent and functional transmission system operator as a precondition for the sustainable transit of natural gas through Ukraine in the post-2019 period. However, the time to reach an agreement is very limited and many people in Ukraine, Moldova and other Central and East European countries could suffer damage because of no or delayed action.” stressed Mr. Kopač, concluding the Forum.