Energy Community gas emergency exercise highlights need for coordination

25 September 2019

The Energy Community Secretariat organized the first ever gas emergency exercise on 23 September 2019 in Ljubljana. The competent authorities, transmission system operators and gas undertakings of the Contracting Parties along with Greek representatives had to decide which internal emergency measures they would put in place in case of a prescribed gas disruption scenario. In addition, the exercise represented the first occasion when Contracting Parties had to plan and simulate how they would cooperate and exchange information with their direct neighbours, the Energy Community Secretariat and other countries such as EU Member States along the gas transport route.

Director Janez Kopač, who participated in the exercise, said: “The results of the discussions show that Contracting Parties cannot be treated in isolation when it comes to security of gas supply. Strong cooperation between the competent authorities and transmission system operators is essential for successfully tackling a supply crisis. The exercise also made it clear that risk assessments and preventive and emergency plans should be put in place in the Contracting Parties without delay in order to ensure that responsibilities and measures are predefined and can be followed in an efficient way during a potential crisis. Today, we only had a fictional exercise but it could turn into reality.”