Workshop highlights lack of focus on energy and regional cooperation in Contracting Parties’ cybersecurity strategies

18 September 2019

A workshop on cybersecurity in the energy sector was hosted by the Secretariat on 17 September 2019 in Vienna.  The workshop, which brought together more than forty participants from the ministries, regulatory bodies and operators of critical electricity and gas infrastructures across the Energy Community, was dedicated to presenting the preliminary results of a study on cybersecurity.

The study, commissioned by the Secretariat, is dedicated to assessing the state of cybersecurity in the energy domain in the Contracting Parties and proposing recommendations to improve cooperation and compliance with EU regulations. The preliminary findings indicate that current cybersecurity policies lack sufficient focus on the energy sector as well as cross-border and regional cooperation. The aim is for the final study to be endorsed on the occasion of the Energy Community Cybersecurity Coordination Group (CyberCG) Meeting in December 2019.

The workshop also featured an extensive presentation of the applicable framework and best practices in the EU, criteria for identification of large-scale cybersecurity incidents and design of national cybersecurity action plans of the Energy Community Contracting Parties.