Director Kopač attends the inaugural session of the new Ukrainian Parliament

29 August 2019

Today marked the inaugural session of the new Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada. The Director of the Secretariat, Mr Janez Kopač, was honoured to attend the session as a special guest, together with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Ms Klara Dobrev, the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Mr George Tsereteli, and the four former Ukrainian Presidents: Mr Kravchyk, Mr Kuchma, Mr Yuschenko and Mr Poroshenko. Dismissing the old Government, the new 424-member Parliament appointed Mr Alexey Goncharuk as the new Prime Minister. It also selected a new speaker and committees. 

Director Kopač held a series of meetings with the representatives of the new authorities. This included a working meeting with the new speaker of Verkhovna Rada and the leader of the governing party “Servant to the People”, Mr Dmytro Razumkov. Verkhovna Rada has ambitious plans to adopt 40 draft laws in the coming week, including several on the Energy Community acquis.


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