Energy Community prepares to address the cybersecurity challenge

12 April 2019

The first Energy Community Cybersecurity Day took place on 11 April in Vienna. The event opened a new chapter in the activities of the Energy Community which will endeavour to answer the needs of the Contracting Parties in ensuring safe and secure energy system operation.

In a session open to the public, EU cybersecurity experts provided unique insights into the latest issues in the cybersecurity domain, including the state of preparedness in Europe. All speakers underlined the importance and mutual interest of EU Member States and Contracting Parties to cooperate on energy cybersecurity issues. The Contracting Parties were encouraged to follow the recently published European Commission Recommendation on Cybersecurity. A special EU programme for capacity building in the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries on cybersecurity is in the making.

The event also kicked off the preparation of a study on cybersecurity in the Energy Community, commissioned by the Secretariat in December 2018. The aim of the study is to identify the state of cybersecurity in the energy domain in the Energy Community Contracting Parties. The scope of the study includes an assessment of the resilience of critical infrastructures and essential services, identification of gaps in the cybersecurity framework relative to the EU acquis and practices and assessment of possible risks. Finally, the study will propose a roadmap to improve cooperation and compliance with EU regulations.

The first session of the Cybersecurity Coordination Group (CyberCG) of the Energy Community took place on the same day. The meeting served to identify the future format of cooperation, the role of authorities and operators and the tasks of the Group as prescribed by the Procedural Act of November 2018.