Training session raises awareness of methane emissions in the gas sector

28 November 2019

The Energy Community Secretariat, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) and the Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry (MARCOGAZ) organised a training session on “Methane Emissions in the Gas Sector” on 26 and 27 November in Vienna. The aim of the session was to raise awareness and share the knowledge on the matter with a special focus on Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The training benefited from the support of trainers from the European Commission, the Florence School of Regulation, the Sustainable Gas Institute of Imperial College London and GIE and MARCOGAZ. 

Attended by more than 80 participants representing 48 companies and associations from 20 Central and South-Eastern European countries, including the Contracting Parties of Energy Community, the training provided high quality educational material on methane policies, methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, implementation of BAT as well as targeting the reduction of methane emission.

Energy Community, GIE and MARCOGAZ invited the participants to join the action and the gas industry meetings.

Methane leakage is very relevant for gas distribution networks, thus the training session took place back-to-back to the ECDSO-g Coordination Platform, the body bringing together distribution system operators of the Energy Community Contracting Parties.