Secretariat launches tender for renewables in transport study

Renewable energy
21 October 2019

The Energy Community Secretariat launched on 18 October 2019 a tender for a study to define possible options for the future of renewables in the transport sector until 2030 in the Contracting Parties.

The selected consultant will assess the status of renewable energy sources used in the transport sector in each Contracting Party and review best practices for increasing renewables in the transport sector from EU Member States and on a more global scale.

The final report should provide recommendations on the modalities to reach renewables in transport in line with Directive (EU) 2018/2001 and GHG emission reduction with a roadmap up to 2030 outlining priority actions to increase usage of renewable energy sources in the transport sector for each Contracting Party.

The deadline for submission of offers is 21 November 2019 by 17:00 CET Detailed information is available via the links below.