Energy Community Secretariat and the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators upgrade cooperation

7 October 2019

Today’s signature of an amendment to the Administrative Arrangement concluded between the Secretariat and the European Union Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators, ACER, in 2016 marks the starting point for further enhanced cooperation between the two institutions. The amendment grants the Secretariat the possibility to participate in the Market Integrity and Transparency Working Group of ACER. This will allow the Secretariat to closely follow EU regulators’ discussions on the REMIT Regulation and, by this, support the Energy Community Contracting Parties’ regulators to implement the REMIT Regulation aligned with EU developments. The amended Administrative Arrangement comes in time with the obligation of Contracting Parties to transpose the REMIT Regulation by end of November 2019.

The Secretariat and ACER mutually benefit from close cooperation since 2016. This includes participation of the Secretariat in ACER gas and electricity working groups, joint workshops on the CACM Regulation and reflection of Contracting Parties in the annual market monitoring report of ACER. This cooperation contributes to alignment of regulatory rules for the benefit of creating a pan-European energy market. The Secretariat also provides assessments to ACER as regards the compliance of Contracting Parties’ regulators with the criteria for participating in ACER working groups.

Signing ceremony

Vienna, 7 October 2019