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1 February 2011
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Latest developments in security of supply Date
Ukraine first to submit its 2017 Gas Security of Supply Statement to the Secretariat. The report focuses on technical conditions of the transmission and storage system and Ukraine’s effort aim at improving them. June 2017
Ministry submitted its 2015 Security of Supply Statement to the Secretariat. October 2015


Latest developments in electricity Date
With CMU Resolution No 324, the Cabinet of Ministers decides on the establishment of state enterprises “Market Operator” and “Guaranteed Buyer". April 2019
NEURC approved the connection fee methodology for the transmission system and distribution systems. December 2018
For the purpose of establishment of the minimum criteria of safety of delivery of electrical energy, the ministry approves  new rules about safety of deliveries of electrical energy. August 2018
NEURC adopts a new resolution transposing Regulation (EU) 543/2013 on submission and publication of data in electricity markets. June 2018
NEURC approved the Electricity Market Rules, which contain procedures for switching of supplier as well as provisions stipulating that all customers (except households and small non-household) will become eligible to choose a supplier no later than December 2018. March 2018
The regulator, NEURC, adopted a certification procedure for the transmission system operator in electricity. August 2017
NEURC adopted new transmission and distribution tariff methodologies for implementation of the incentive regulation. July 2017
Electronic auctioning started, for both imports and exports, allocating capacity on all borders on a yearly, monthly and daily basis.  May 2017


Latest developments in energy efficiency Date
Ukraine submits its second Annual Report  under the Energy Efficiency Directive to the Secretariat. November 2018
The Cabinet of Ministers adopted nine of the fourteen by-laws needed for the implementation of Law transposing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. July 2018
State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving (SAEE) sent the consolidated draft Law on energy efficiency to the Ministry of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Utilities. May 2018
The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Energy Performance of Buildings and Metering Laws June 2017
Law on Energy Efficiency Fund was adopted by the Parliament. June 2017
In its efforts to implement Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EU, a number of technical regulations for household tumble driers, vacuum cleaners, televisions, ovens and range hoods were submitted to the government for adoption. March 2017
With an aim to transpose Articles 9-11 of Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Effciency, a draft Metering Law passes the first reading in the Parliament.  October 2016

Cabinet of Ministers adopted the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan until 2020, compliant with the requirements of the Directive 2006/32/EC.

November 2015


Latest developments in gas Date
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopts new Resolutions on Regulation on Imposition of Public Service Obligations on Subjects of the Natural Gas Market. October 2018
Amendments to the transmission network code regarding daily balancing and improving requirements towards financial guaranties were approved by NEURC.  December 2017
Ukraine first to submit its 2017 Gas Security of Supply Statement to the Secretariat. The report focuses on technical conditions of the transmission and storage system and Ukraine’s effort aim at improving them. June 2017

In response to gas price reform of 2016, Government of Ukraine is updating the Housing and Utilities Subsidy (HUS) Programme, envisaging financial support in the form of subsidies to vulnerable customers.

March 2017


Latest development in environment Date
Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment was adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament. March 2018
In Ukraine, the opt-out of a total of nineteen coal-fired thermal power plants started, meaning that they cannot be operated for more than 20,000 hours up until 31 December 2023. January 2018
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopts the National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP). November 2017
In order to implement Sulphur in Fuels Directive, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine declares the prohibition on the production and introduction to circulation of fuel oil with sulfur content greater than 1% of mass for all enterprises, institutions and organizations, with no exception from 01.01.2018 on wards. November 2017
After Ukraine had carried out the recommended amendments, the Secretariat approved its National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP).  February 2017
In its opinion on Ukraine’s draft NERP, the Secretariat recommended certain amendments and indicated that in case they are implemented, the NERP prepared by Ukraine will meet the
requirements of the Secretariat’s Policy Guidelines on NERPs
October 2016
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment.
October 2016
Ukraine submitted its draft National Emission Reduction Plan to the Secretariat.  November 2015


Latest developments in renewable energy Date
Ukraine submitted the third progress report on the promotion of renewable energy 2016-2017, outlining the progress and the challenges of renewable energy development during the reporting period. January 2019
Ukraine began to consider the revision of the existing support schemes based on feed-in tariffs and introducing auctions to grant support. Amendments to the Electricity Market Law and Alternative Sources Law are registered in the Ukrainian Parliament for public consultation. August 2018
The amendments on to the Law on Alternative Fuels, covering the main biofuels principles of (Articles 17 to 21) Directive 2009/28/EC were submitted to the Parliament. Their adoption is still pending. May 2018
Secretariat submitted a new draft Law on Renewable Energy to Ukraine, introducing a support scheme for renewable energy in compliance with State aid guidelines. July 2017
Ukraine adopted the Law on Energy Performance of Buildings, which includes measures for the promotion of energy from renewable sources in the building sector. June 2017
Latest development in regulatory authority affairs Date

Ukrainian Law on the National Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Commission entered into force.

November 2016 
Ukrainian Regulators Law passed the first reading, the second reading to follow. April 2016


Latest development in competition Date
According to the Law on State Aid for Business Entities, the prohibition of State aid entered into force. August 2017
The government approved an Order for Recovery of Illegal State Aid. July 2017


Latest developments in statistics Date
UKRSTAT took a decisive step towards the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/1952 with the dissemination of the first dataset with electricity and gas prices charged to households and industrial consumers in the first semester 2018. September 2018

SSSU compiled the sets of average gas and electricity prices charged to industrial customers and to households, disaggregated per taxation level, from 2013 onward and submitted them to EUROSTAT and the Secretariat for review.

April 2017
Ukraine began transmitting the full set of five annual questionnaires to EUROSTAT and the Ukrainian annual energy statistics are now available in the EUROSTAT database. September 2016


Latest developments in climate Date

The Low Emission Development Strategy, was adopted, setting the indicative GHG emissions target at 31-34% by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels).

July 2018
The draft national legislative package on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of Greenhouse Gas Emissions was published by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. These provisions lay the groundwork for Ukraine’s planned emissions trading system. January 2018
The first holistic policy document on climate action, Concept for the Implementation of State Policy in the Field of Climate Change up to 2030 was adopted. December 2017

 As a non-Annex I party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Ukraine ratified the Paris Agreement.

November 2016

Cabinet of Ministers adopts a Resolution on a Concept of the State Policy Implementation in the Field of Climate Change for the Period up to 2030, establishing the main principles of the state policy in the field of climate change with three priority areas in addressing climate change. December 2016
Latest developments in oil Date

The draft Law on emergency oil stocks was drafted and sent to the Secretariat for compliance review.

October 2018

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