Implementation indicators

  • Annual statistics

    Annual statistics

    The five annual questionnaires for 2018 were transmitted. The questionnaire on final energy consumption of households was not transmitted to EUROSTAT.

  • Monthly statistics

    Monthly statistics

    Monthly data on electricity and coal are collected, but not transmitted to EUROSTAT. Monthly oil data are not available.

  • Price statistics

    Price statistics

    Price statistics for electricity for 2018 were compiled and transmitted in accordance with the acquis.

State of compliance

The level of compliance with the statistics acquis in Montenegro remains moderate. No visible progress was made during the reporting period.

According to the Law on official statistics, the Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT) is the central body responsible for the statistical system and statistical surveys.

MONSTAT collects and publishes annual energy balances. The methodology and formats are harmonized with International Energy Agency/EUROSTAT standards. Annual questionnaires are communicated to EUROSTAT timely and in compliance with the acquis. Disaggregated data on energy consumption of households are not compiled and disseminated. Montenegro is the only Contracting Party not transmitting this questionnaire to EUROSTAT. The preliminary data for 2019 has also not been transmitted. MONSTAT established a procedure to maintain the expected level of quality and submitted the report on the quality of transmitted data in the format defined by EUROSTAT.

Montenegro established a functional reporting system for monthly energy data within the Ministry of Economy. Monthly reports on electricity and solid fuels are compiled, but their transmission to EUROSTAT is seriously late, hence significantly affecting their relevance. Monthly oil data were not transmitted to EUROSTAT.

Electricity prices charged to industrial end-users and households broken down per consumption band and taxation level, as well as the breakdown of price components, are collected in line with the acquis, communicated to and subsequently published by EUROSTAT.

In terms of annual energy statistics, Montenegro fails to comply with the acquis. Disaggregated data on energy consumption in households are completely missing, as well as a great deal of monthly data. Providing sufficient resources is among the core preconditions for MONSTAT to fulfil this task.