Implementation indicators

  • Annual statistics

    Annual statistics

    The annual questionnaires for 2018 were transmitted to EUROSTAT in accordance with the acquis. The questionnaire on the final energy consumption of households for 2018 was compiled and transmitted.

  • Monthly statistics

    Monthly statistics

    There is no monthly data yet.

  • Price statistics

    Price statistics

    Price statistics on electricity for 2019 were compiled and transmitted in accordance with the acquis.

State of compliance

The main non-compliance issue with respect to the statistics acquis in Kosovo* is linked to monthly statistics. It still remained unresolved at the end of this reporting period.

The Kosovo Agency for Statistics (KAS) is established within the Prime Minister’s Office with the task to coordinate the statistical system of Kosovo*.

Since 2015, the annual questionnaires have been submitted to and published by EUROSTAT and the International Energy Agency. The breakdown of energy consumption of households is compiled by KAS and transmitted to EUROSTAT. Preliminary questionnaires with 2019 data are prepared and transmitted on time. KAS also prepared and transmitted the SHARES questionnaire. The quality report was prepared and submitted to EUROSTAT.

No monthly data are compiled or disseminated yet. KAS planned to begin implementation of the acquis related to monthly statistics in 2020 through a pilot project supported by the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, but this was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The statistical survey plan for 2021 does not envisage any activities to implement obligations from Annex C and Annex D of Regulation (EC) 1099/2008.

Electricity prices per consumption band and breakdown by taxation level are submitted to and subsequently published by EUROSTAT. Price components for industrial end-users are reported in accordance with the acquis. The established compilation procedure enables regular price data reporting in compliance with the acquis.

Monthly data collection, as the only serious non-compliance issue, has to be tackled without delay. Priority has to be given to monthly data collection for oil in order to meet obligations under the oil stocks acquis and the related General Policy Guideline.