Renewable energy

Implementation indicators

  • National Renewable Energy Action Plan

    National Renewable Energy Action Plan

    Kosovo* submitted its NREAP as well as all three Progress Reports on implementation of the Renewables Directive to the Secretariat. Kosovo* has registered a 24,9% share of energy from renewable sources in 2018, putting it back on the trajectory to reach its 25% target in 2020.

  • Quality of the support schemes

    Quality of the support schemes

    The support scheme for renewable energy is currently based on administratively set feedin tariffs. A concept for a market-based support scheme is being drafted. Renewables producers admitted to the support scheme are entitled to sell their electricity output tor the market operator.

  • Integration to the grids

    Integration to the grids

    Based on the electricity law, the regulator amended the methodology on connection conditions and approved rules on charges for renewables projects. Based on the same law, the transmission system operator is obliged to give dispatching priority to generating installations using renewables grounded on transparent and non-discriminatory
    criteria. Producers with an installed capacity equal to or higher than 500 kW are responsible for 25% of their total imbalance costs.

  • Administrative procedures

    Administrative procedures

    The regulation on the creation of a one-stop shop was adopted by the Government in 2018. As per the regulation, harmonization should be done through the inter-institutional coordination commission of all authorities involved in renewables investments. By the decision of the Ministry, in May 2019, the commission is established and in June it held its first meeting. An electronic system for issuing, transfer and cancellation of guarantees of origin is not in place.

  • Renewable energy in transport

    Renewable energy in transport

    Provisions related to the sustainability of biofuels are still not transposed and the legal framework remains completely non-compliant with Directive 2009/28/EC.

State of compliance

There were no significant improvements in the transposition and implementation of the renewables acquis during the reporting period in Kosovo*.

Through an administrative instruction from 2017, Kosovo* raised its ambition to reach a voluntary renewable energy target of 29,89% by awarding an additional 20 MW of solar PV capacity through the support scheme. In November 2019, the regulator adopted a decision to award this capacity through an administratively set feed-in tariff at a level of 85,5 EUR/MWh. Although the proposal to increase renewable energy ambition was welcomed in principle, awarding was done against the Secretariat’s recommendation to conduct competitive bidding which would improve the transparency.

Back in 2010, the regulator as a designated body adopted a Rule on the system of certificates of origin for electricity produced from renewable energy sources. As a first step, the Rule needs to be amended to transpose Article 15 of the Renewables Directive and then an electronic system for issuing, transfer and cancellation of guarantees of origin compatible with the standardized European Energy Certificate System needs to be implemented.

Priorities for Kosovo* should be the introduction of a market-based support scheme in line with the State Aid Guidelines and transposition of provisions related to the sustainability of biofuels. At the same time, an electronic system for guarantees of origin should be established and a legal framework for self-consumption improved.