Implementation indicators

  • Unbundling


    Ownership unbundling will be the only applicable model for a future transmission system operator.

  • Third Party Access

    Third Party Access

    Kosovo* does not have a gas network and thus has not adopted any tariff methodology or network code.

  • Wholesale market

    Wholesale market

    Market rules do not exist in Kosovo*.

  • Retail market

    Retail market

    There are no gas supplies and consequently no retail market exists in Kosovo*.

  • Interconnectivity


    Kosovo* developed some security of supply rules. Options to enable access to a gas market are under discussion.

State of compliance

Kosovo* has no gas market at present. Despite its ambitious plans to establish a national gas market as part of a wider decarbonisation agenda, no activities took place in adopting gas market secondary legislation. The creation of an adequate regulatory framework is crucial for the future of gas supply to Kosovo*.

However, during the reporting period, the Kosovo* started engaging in developing a feasible and realistic supply route from North Macedonia, in addition to or instead of the favoured connection with Albania’s gas network. The North Macedonia – Kosovo* interconnector is gaining momentum and could receive assistance from international funds.