State of Compliance

  • Competition Law

    Competition Law

    In the reporting period, the Kosovo Competition Authority closed an investigation on the market for oil derivatives against sixteen companies, imposing a fine on 14 of them of EUR 4 million in total. No further enforcement activities in the energy sectors (in particular following the sector inquiry of the electricity market initiated in June 2019) have taken place.

  • State Aid Law

    State Aid Law

    The authority responsible for enforcing the Law on State Aid consists of a State Aid Department (SAD), which receives, analyses and monitors notifications, and a State Aid Commission (SAC), the decision-making body. Following the integration of the SAD into the Ministry of Finance, its independence is questionable. Despite its limited human and technical resources, the SAD has started to investigate State support in the coal and renewable energy sectors. However, so far, no decision enforcing the State aid acquis has been rendered and there have been no enforcement activities in the energy sectors since the Law on State Aid first entered into force in 2014. A case regarding state support to the Kosova e Re project is still pending.