Implementation indicators  

  • Annual statistics

    Annual statistics

    The five annual questionnaires for 2018 were transmitted to EUROSTAT. The questionnaire on final energy consumption
    of households for 2018 was compiled and transmitted.

  • Monthly statistics

    Monthly statistics

    Monthly data are collected and disseminated timely in accordance with Annex C of the Regulation, except for oil stocks. Short-term monthly datasets are not available in defined timeframes.

  • Price statistics

    Price statistics

    Price statistics for electricity and natural gas for 2019 were compiled and transmitted in accordance with the acquis.

State of compliance

Although Georgia was the last Contracting Party to begin implementation of the acquis on energy statistics, it has achieved a very high level of compliance.

Statistics are produced by the national statistics institute, GEOSTAT. The energy balances produced by GEOSTAT are in compliance with Annex B of Regulation (EC) 1099/2008 and the five questionnaires for the period from 2013 onwards have been transmitted to and published by EUROSTAT. In addition, disaggregated data on final energy consumption of households are reported to EUROSTAT in the defined questionnaire format. Preliminary questionnaires with data for 2019 were prepared and transmitted on time.

As for the monthly statistics, Georgia collects and disseminates monthly data for solid fuel, natural gas, oil and electricity and transmits them to EUROSTAT. The timeliness of these collections has improved and with adding monthly oil questionnaires in September 2020 Georgia has been transmitting all monthly data collections from Annex C of Regulation (EC) 1099/2009.

Short-term monthly data collections for oil and gas pursuant to Annex D of Regulation (EC) 1099/2008 are provided, although with a time lag of two months instead of one. GEOSTAT introduced quality assurance procedures and prepares quality reports for different domains. The metadata for the available quality report for transmitted energy data was not transmitted to EUROSTAT as required under the Regulation.

The transmitting of prices of natural gas and electricity charged to end-users, broken down by consumption band, taxation level and price component, has started from 2018 data onwards and is fully compliant with the acquis.

Georgia is widely compliant with the obligations from the acquis on statistics. The only shortcomings are related to the timeliness of short-term collections, mainly due to the lack of resources.