Implementation indicators

  • National Competent Authority

    National Competent Authority

    The national competent authority has not been appointed yet.

  • Manual of procedures

    Manual of procedures

    The manual of procedures has not been drafted.

  • National regulatory authority involvement

    National regulatory authority involvement

    The Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission has approved investment evaluation rules and is currently working on defining a cost-benefit analysis methodology for evaluation of investment projects in the transmission system, both in electricity and gas.

State of compliance

Georgia should adopt a legal act to transpose Regulation (EU) 347/2013 into its national legislation. In the reporting period, there was no progress in this regard.

Given that the deadline has already expired, Georgia should proceed with the Regulation’s transposition as soon as possible. Swift implementation of the Regulation is to follow. This is likely to facilitate the realization of the proposed PMI projects (SCP Georgian Offtake Expansion for EU LNG Swap, Trans-Anatolian pipeline expansion and further expansion of the South Caucasus pipeline).