Implementation indicators

  • Annual statistics

    Annual statistics

    The five annual questionnaires for 2018 were transmitted to EUROSTAT, although after the deadline. The questionnaire on final energy consumption of households for 2018 was transmitted to EUROSTAT and published.

  • Monthly statistics

    Monthly statistics

    Monthly reporting for oil and natural gas is not compliant and all short-term monthly data are missing.

  • Price statistics

    Price statistics

    Price statistics for electricity and natural gas for 2019 were compiled and transmitted in accordance with the acquis.

State of compliance

Bosnia and Herzegovina has made progress during this reporting period, notably with the transmission of complete annual statistics for 2018 to EUROSTAT and the annual renewables shares questionnaire. In addition, the drafting of a methodology needed to establish a reporting system for monthly oil statistics was launched.

Energy statistics are produced by the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHAS), based on the Law on Statistics and a memorandum on cooperation between the two entities’ statistics institutions, responsible for their respective areas.

The full set of annual energy statistics has been compiled and transmitted to EUROSTAT although with a delay caused by the revision of renewables data. Hence, the five annual questionnaires as well as the SHARES questionnaire were released as a consistent set of data. Preliminary questionnaires with 2019 data were also prepared and transmitted to EUROSTAT on time. The breakdown of the energy consumption in households is reported in accordance with the acquis. The quality report for annual statistics was transmitted to EUROSTAT.

BHAS has been compiling and transmitting monthly reports for electricity and coal. Natural gas data are collected but not transmitted to EUROSTAT in a compliant manner. Monthly oil data are still missing. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations has begun to collect oil and natural gas data and preliminary questionnaires have been exchanged, but the process has failed to ensure timely and complete transmission to EUROSTAT. In the meantime, BHAS started drafting a methodology for the JODI questionnaire as a first step in establishing
a reporting system for oil statistics. The national statistical plan for 2020 envisages work on a methodology for data collection on monthly oil statistics with a focus on establishing data providers /reporting units.

The prices of electricity and natural gas charged to industrial and household end-users, broken down per consumption band and per taxation level, as well as the breakdown of components of electricity and natural gas prices, are compiled and submitted to EUROSTAT. The respective quality report has also been transmitted.

Completing monthly oil statistics and timely dissemination of all monthly statistics requires urgent action, including adequate human, technical and financial resources.