Implementation indicators

  • National Competent Authority

    National Competent Authority

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has not established a national competent authority. The Ministry of Foreign Trade prepared a draft decision on the competent authority, and is harmonizing positions with the entities’ relevant institutions.

  • Manual of procedures

    Manual of procedures

    The manual of procedures was not published to date, neither by the entities’ nor by state-level authorities.

  • National regulatory authority involvement

    National regulatory authority involvement

    The national regulatory agency did not publish the methodology and criteria used to evaluate investments in electricity and gas infrastructure projects and the higher risks incurred by them.

State of compliance

In the previous reporting period, Bosnia and Herzegovina already prepared a draft decision on the national competent authority’s establishment but still works to harmonize positions with the competent entity institutions. Guidelines for Investors in the Electricity Sector were published in November 2018, providing investors with information on the construction process of an electricity facility and detailing procedures for the issue of different permits. However, the guidelines fall short of properly transposing Regulation (EU) 347/2013. Therefore, the infringement based on the non-transposition of the Regulation, according to the Ministerial Council Decision 2018/08/MC-EnC, is still not rectified. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s authorities must urgently adopt a legal act to transpose the Regulation into its national legislation.

The Regulation’s transposition in this Contracting Party is particularly important due to its potential to facilitate the realization of ongoing strategic infrastructure projects, which will improve the security of supply and overall operation of the energy system in both electricity and gas, as well as positively influence the regional market. Bosnia and Herzegovina participates in one PECI electricity project (Transbalkan corridor  EL_01c),and in two PMI gas projects (interconnectors Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia North and South), recognized as projects of domestic significance and with a great regional impact.