Implementation indicators


  • Annual statistics

    Annual statistics

    The five annual questionnaires and the questionnaire on final energy consumption of households for 2018 were transmitted to EUROSTAT.


  • Monthly statistics

    Monthly statistics

    Monthly data on coal, on petroleum products and all short-term data are missing and thus are not reported to EUROSTAT.

  • Price statistics

    Price statistics

    Prices charged to industrial end-users and the breakdown of price components for 2019 are not transmitted to EUROSTAT.

State of compliance

Compliance with the statistics acquis in Albania has improved remarkably. The main achievement is the start of publication and reporting of half-yearly prices charged to industrial end-users.

Official statistics in Albania are in the competence of the national institute for statistics (INSTAT). However, by means of a Government decision, the National Agency for Natural Resources (AKBN), established in 2006 under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, is tasked to collect, compile and disseminate energy statistics in accordance with best international practice.

As regards annual energy statistics, including quality reporting, Albania has implemented the requirements of the acquis. AKBN has been compiling annual energy balances and annual questionnaires and submitting them to EUROSTAT in accordance with the acquis. AKBN has also reported to EUROSTAT and IEA preliminary data for 2019.

The breakdown of energy consumption of households has also been prepared, transmitted to EUROSTAT and published. The quality report is prepared and published in accordance with the acquis.

Concerning monthly statistics, oil, electricity and natural gas data are available and transmitted to EUROSTAT, although the timeliness of transmission is not duly observed. Monthly oil data, except for secondary products and oil stocks, are submitted to EUROSTAT and to the JODI database through the UN Statistical Division. Monthly oil statistics defined in Annex C of Regulation (EU) 1099/2008, with the view to monitor stock building obligations
under the oil acquis, remain unsatisfactory. Monthly coal data are not available yet.

In 2020, AKBN started to collect data on prices charged to industrial end-users, as well as the breakdown of electricity prices per component pursuant to Annex II to Regulation (EU) 2016/1952. The breakdown of price components for 2019 has not been transmitted to EUROSTAT for publication on time.

Priority should be given to meeting the acquis obligations on price statistics and the completion of monthly data reporting. The responsible institution should be equipped with the necessary human and financial resources to fulfil the remaining tasks in a timely manner.