Implementation indicators

  • Stockholding obligation

    Stockholding obligation

    The oil industry is required by law to hold stocks equal to at least 90 days of average sales. The precise quantity of these stocks is determined based on the previous year’s operations. However, the reporting system and calculation methodology do not comply with Directive 2009/119/EC.

  • Emergency procedures

    Emergency procedures

    The measures to be taken in the event of a petroleum emergency have been laid down in the new draft Law. The Government is tasked to draft the National Response Plan, which should include among other measures the determination of the market price and detail the use of security stocks. Current emergency procedures are not sufficient to meet the Directive’s requirements.            

  • Fuel specifications of petrol, diesel and gas oil for NRMM

    Fuel specifications of petrol, diesel and gas oil for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)

    Starting from 1 January 2009, only petrol and diesel fuels that meet the requirements of European standards are permitted to be placed into the market and used in road vehicles. The sulphur content limit in gas oil for NMRR is not defined by law.

  • Monitoring compliance and reporting

    Monitoring compliance and reporting including the lay down the rules on penalties

    A system for fuel quality control is in place and specified in legislation. Fuel quality monitoring is ensured through Annual
    Monitoring Programmes.

State of compliance

For the third year in a row, Albania failed to adopt the draft Law on the establishment, maintenance and management of security minimum stocks of crude oil and petroleum products. The draft Law continued to be discussed by stakeholders, but no progress was achieved during this reporting period. The current oil stockholding system is not compliant with Directive 2009/119/EC.

The main provisions of Directive 98/70/EC were transposed into Albanian legislation through the Government’s Decision on the quality of fuel, petrol and diesel. However, the legislation should be amended to ensure that sulphur content in gas oil for nonroad mobile machinery (NRMM) is less than 10 mg/kg. Despite many efforts by the Government, some challenges are still to be tackled, including contamination that may occur during distribution, which is difficult to identify unless rigorous monitoring and analysis systems are in place.