Director's corner

Since its foundation in 2005, the Energy Community has worked to extend the benefits of the European internal energy market by putting in place a regulatory framework based on EU rules. The legally binding commitment to implement these rules and reforms is firmly enshrined in the Treaty establishing the Energy Community. This gives the organisation strength and distinguishes it from most other international organisations. 

The Energy Community is a dynamic organisation. Its legal framework has constantly evolved. Today it covers the core EU legal acts in the areas of gas, electricity, oil, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, statistics, competition and environment. Its enlargement, with the accession of Moldova in 2010, Ukraine in 2011 and Georgia in 2017, has fundamentally changed the organisation’s geographical scope.

In 2013, the Energy Community Ministerial Council unilaterally decided to extend the duration of the Treaty for a further ten years, from 2016 to 2026. This is proof of the organisation’s continued relevance and value for all its members.

The Energy Community has been frequently cited as one of the most successful policy frameworks of the European external energy policy and commended on its achievements in terms of creating a stable regulatory framework, regional security and investment. As Director, I will do my utmost to ensure that the Energy Community continues to be a success story.

Yet, as all institutions, we can do things better and the Ministerial Council launched a process of reflection on how the Energy Community could be improved to better reach its objectives of creating an integrated energy market, attracting investment, enhancing security of supply and improving the environment. The Energy Community Secretariat is working hard to support this process.

It is my vision to create a true pan-European Energy Community based on partnership, fully-integrated energy markets, sustainability and solidarity. My goal is to make the organisation even more attractive for existing and new members.


Janez Kopač

Energy Community Secretariat