Public Consultation / Renewable self-consumers

Draft Policy Guideline on Integration of renewables self-consumers

The objective of this online public consultation was to seek views on the draft Policy Guidelines on integration of renewables self-consumers.

The Secretariat's Policy Guidelines 01/2018 on the Grid Integration of Prosumers provided recommendations on the regulatory and technical aspects of self-consumption schemes meant to improve their operation in the Energy Community Contracting Parties.

After the adoption of the Policy Guideline of 2018, a legally binding framework for self-consumption was adopted in the European Union as part of the so-called Clean Energy for all Europeans Package (CEP). The CEP promotes the role of final customers in the energy transition, in particular:

  • the new Electricity Directive provides a possibility for a final customer to participate in the market as an active customer.
  •  the new Renewables Directive provides the legal framework for final customers to engage in renewable self-consumption, as a renewable self-consumer or as jointly acting renewable self-consumers.

The CEP is not yet a legal obligation in the Energy Community. However, the relevance and importance of its key messages are valid here as well. Self-consumption can offer new opportunities to final customers to benefit from the technological development and reduction of their costs to reduce their bills, while contributing to the environmental and energy policy objectives.

The purpose of the final Policy Guidelines was to provide advice to policy-makers in the Contracting Parties on the development of national legal and regulatory frameworks conducive to renewable self-consumption and empowering final customers to actively participate in the self-consumption of renewable energy in line with the CEP.

Below find information on the draft policy guidelines, questions asked and received responses. The received responses consists of online submissions only, excluding those with no disclosure clause.  


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